December 21, 2012

Las Vegas Christmas

Las Vegas Christmas Tree Tips: How Flammable Are Your Branches We gather around them, decorate them, sing songs about them, but is your Christmas tree a personal liability? This time of year, no one wants to put their friends and family in danger, but the fact remains that each year more than 400 Americans die in holiday season fires and 1,650 more are injured. In fact, Christmas trees alone are responsible for more than $16 million in property damages each year. And if you have an artificial tree, you may still not be out of the woods. Of course, we’re […]
September 20, 2012

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Injury Claim

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Injury Claim As experts in personal injury law, we understand that the process of filing a suit can be a complex process. Obviously, if you have a claim to file, you’re likely recovering from the physical and emotional trauma of the accident, so the suit itself can be an added stress. But before you determine what your best course of action is, be sure you’re familiar with what you shouldn’t do. There are a few common injury claim mistakes that can really put a wrench in your personal injury suit and make the entire […]
September 8, 2012

Injured at work? Follow These Steps

Injured at work? Follow These Steps Whether your job takes you to the top of a skyscraper or keeps you working in a cubicle, there are occupational hazards to every career. If you’ve been injured performing a work-related activity, you need to make sure you’ve covered your bases. Follow the steps below to make sure your rights – and health – are protected. Get First Aid If you’re injured or ill, your primary concern should be your health. Be sure that the first step you take is to treat your injury.  Small injuries like falls, cuts, sprains, etc., can become […]
August 25, 2012

Qualities to Look for in a Trusted Lawyer

Qualities to Look for in a Trusted Lawyer Like finding a great doctor, acquiring a trusted attorney can be a process of trial and error — but it doesn’t have to be tedious work. Knowing what qualities you want in a lawyer will help you recognize a great one when you find him or her. And we know what qualities make great lawyers — because those are the only kind we associate with. Research Skills  – In order to formulate a legal strategy, attorneys must do a great deal of research. That being said, you should make sure your lawyer […]
August 11, 2012

Big Court Cases In Las Vegas

Big Court Cases In Las Vegas In the city that never sleeps their are bound to be all kinds scandal going on. It may start from something innocent that got out of hand or it could of had a plot from the beginning. Over the years we have seen many of these terrible events that make it into the court room. There have been many that have even had the attention of the nation. One of the more recent cases we’ve seen in Las Vegas is the OJ Simpson robbery case. It took place at the Palace Station on the […]
February 14, 2011

Slip and Fall No More?

Slip and Fall No More? While we may not see much of that white cold stuff in Las Vegas, you’d have to be living under a rock (without a TV) not to hear that the rest of the country appears to be covered in it. And while it may be the quintessential winter wonderland to some, to others it can bring about severe injury in slip-and-fall accidents. That’s why we wanted to highlight “Spread the Sand,” a campaign by a personal injury firm in Wisconsin that utilizes social media to warn against winter danger zones. “Spread the Sand,” encourages citizens […]
January 27, 2011

Watching the Weights

Watching the Weights It was just this week that Stafon Johnson, former running back for the University of Southern California and NFL free agent, sued his former alma mater for injuries stemming from a weight room accident in 2009. And while the suit and decision remain to be seen, it brings up a great opportunity to highlight the potential dangers of the everyday weight room. Whether the casual gym rat or a school-sponsored or professional athlete, the weight room can do wonders for your physique, but can also cause undue harm if used carelessly or haphazardly. So if you’re beginning a weight-training […]
January 20, 2011

Driving… Distracted?

Driving… Distracted? Americans may be the ultimate multi-taskers, but that may not be such a positive label when you’re in the car. In fact, distracted driving – driving while focused on something other than the road – is to blame for nearly 20 percent of collisions. States throughout the nation have already banned the use of cell phones – whether texting or talking on a handheld phone – while on the road. And it looks like Nevada may not be too far behind. In fact, the 2011 legislative session will see four bills targeted to eliminate distracted driving. All four […]
January 14, 2011

Eye – DO’s

Eye – DO’s January is a time for new beginnings; especially if those include your eyes. After all, January is also national eye health awareness month. And if you frequently neglect your baby blues, just remember – we only get two. In fact, several everyday and recreational activities can cause injury to the eyes. Many workplaces expose employees to chemicals, airborne particles and toxic substances. Read up on OSHA guidelines to ensure that your workplace is safe, and use eye and face protection whenever working with hazardous substances. And if you’re driving to work, your eyes are again at risk. […]
January 12, 2011

Air Bags: More than Hot Air

Air Bags: More than Hot Air Sure, you did your research; you purchased the car with the best safety ratings, complete with dual and side airbags. And while those bags may a lifesaver in a collision, they still require their own set of safety rules. Since their inception in the late 1980’s, air bags have helped reduce the fatality rate of serious crashes significantly. It may seem a bit ironic, but those very air bags can pose a potential risk to drivers and passengers who don’t know proper air bag safety. As emergency-room personnel can attest, air bags are responsible […]